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Öræfaskólinn - the school where you learn about nature on adventure

Hi ! It's Iris here, one of the founders of Öræfaskólinn. We are a school where participants learn about Icelandic nature and how dynamic the landscape is whilst having fun and being on an adventure. We have different backgrounds from university in nature studies and have been working as guides on glaciers and mountains for almost 10 years. We also teach mountaineering in our local upper secondary school. This is our passion project. We believe that people care more about nature if they have had a positive experience in nature and have built a relationship between them self and nature. Those are more likely to take action in their life decisions regarding climate change. We welcome private groups as well as school groups. We work closely with the national park of Vatnajökull and local guiding companies. I hope I caught your attention. Feel free to contact us on

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